Food & Catering

It is essential that the people we support have access to healthy food at all times, so our fantastic catering team are always on hand to prepare tasty and nutritious cuisine. Our food is always cooked to the highest standard and with residents’ preferences always in mind. The importance of a balanced diet is never forgotten at Mary’s Home, so we offer a varied menu that has something for everyone to enjoy.

For residents who have difficulties in swallowing we modify the menu of the day so that it is a soft, palatable dish.  Working in partnership with Spectrum, our practical workshops involve all chefs and management learning about dysphagia and producing these modified menus. The chefs work with the chef trainer to prepare fork mash-able and thick puree meals to the correct consistency, taste and presentation.  The management can then ensure all modified menus served are presented correctly for our residents.

Our chefs are recruited on the basis of an interview with the regional hospitality support team and the manager for the home. Selection also involves a practical element where potential cooks are asked to cook for and meet a panel of people living in the home.